12.12.2012 Post in Trading

The stage of your professional development does not play a significant role. If you are engaged in the work on the international currency market the economic calendar will be an irreplaceable tool for trading. There is no doubt that it is used by different traders to a greater or lesser extent. However, those who take into account fundamental analysis cannot manage without Forex economic calendar.

Firstly, the calendar contains detailed timetable of the macroeconomic data. As a rule, it provides information pertaining to the previous, expected, and current figures of the indices. Economic data has considerable influence on price fluctuations. That is why information presented in the calendar may help to elaborate the most profitable trading strategies. Due to the calendar you can change your trading strategy. Moreover, market data updates in real-time.

Thus, using Forex economic calendar you get the possibility to react timely and immediately to major affecting the international currency market.