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The last story we are going to tell you concerns an 83-year-old retired lady called Ingeborg Mootz.  She comes from Giessen, the tiny town in Germany. This woman managed to gain as much as half a million euros and she is not going to stop trading.

Ingeborg Mootz

Ingeborg Mootz aged 83 has the most exciting story of success on the financial markets.  She made 500 000 euros on the stock exchange for 8 years. Yet, she is not going to abandon trading. Moreover, Mrs. Mootz means to boost her profit up to 1 000 000 euros  in future.

It is worth emphasizing that Mrs. Mootz does not have any diploma in finance and never has come to deal with stock trading for the whole life.

She spent 17 years of her life in poverty.  Ingeborg was brought up in a large poor family then she got married and became a housewife for the whole life. Her husband had some savings, but she had to literally beg him for each mark. All her attempts to find a job were suppressed by her husband.  A year before her husband’ decease Ingeborg had a sudden idea to try trading on the stock exchange, but she did not have any initial funds to start with.  However, after her husband deceased she came to know that he had acquired a thousand of securities of some companies’ group. This is what happened to be Ingeborg’s start-up capital.

Since then Ingeborg was destined to success. For the first year of working on the stock market her capital had a 100% gain and it increased further by 130% for the following year.  She managed to earn a million euros for 8 years. Ingeborg does not spend her savings: she prefers to invest them into trading. What she lives on is stock dividends.

At presents, Ingeborg Mootz is one of the most well-known people in Germany. She wrote a book, containing the detailed description of her trading technique, interviews with her and other useful material. She provides instructions to everyone, particularly to retired people, on how to easily make money on the stock market.

Operating on the stock market, Ingeborg always observes several well-pronounced rules. First, she does not invest her money but in bank securities. Second, Mrs. Mootz never joins investment funds or capital accumulation programmes offered by banks. As Ingeborg says, banks are the last to be dependent on fluctuations of supply and demand; they are not troubled with insufficient or unstable cash flows, so they are always capable of paying considerable stock dividends.

Ingeborg is happy to share her knowledge with all those concerned and interested and she also calls for all retirees in Germany to dare and to put an end to tastless life, resting on the state support only. What she offers to them is beginning to master their fate themselves by making profit on the stock exchange.

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