Scheduled income

February 4th, 2010

Forex market has its own strict rules. Trading operations are carried out within a certain timeframe which is shown in a trading session timetable. The trading session is opened around-the-clock: in weekdays – from Monday midnight till Friday 22:00. As the banking activity is low during the weekends, the currency market does not work.

However, the world time differs in all countries and continents, so as soon as in one part of the world the trading comes to an end, in another one – it just begins. These time peculiarities are set out in the trading session timetable at Forex. That is why, there is nothing more important for a trader than to be at the right time and place.

It is essential for the category of active partakers at the trading platforms. For traders it is important to be in touch with the market situation constantly to have an opportunity of making the deals in the real-time mode with the most beneficial result.

The trading session timetable contains rather huge data volume which is impossible to keep in mind all the time. At this point, the trader can find support in various Internet-resources, where the current timetable of all trading sessions is entirely available. Moreover, there were created special programs which request information on the work schedule automatically and display it in a comfortable graph form.

Often, a certain trading tendency of one continent can be different for a trader from the aspect of investment profitability. In this case, he can rely on the trading session timetable in order to orientate himself in a great many of current events which are presented on-line and permanently up-dated. Being at the peak of economic activity, traders can work clock round in accordance with the scheduled sessions.

In consequence of the economic downturn and instability, a massive managers quit is currently observed. More and more new employees come into the labor market, they often have a higher education and necessary skills to make analytical forecasts for the market. It is this kind of people who become traders today. And the trading session timetable of Forex market appears to be a good aid for them.

Take a look at the trading session schedule in the following table:

Region City Winter time
Summer time
ASIA Tokyo
Hong Kong
03:00    11:000
04:00    12:00
04:00    12:00
04:00       12:00
05:00       13:00
04:00       12:00
EUROPE Frankfurt
09:00    17:00
09:00    17:00
09:00    17:00
10:00    18:00
09:00       17:00
09:00       17:00
09:00       17:00
10:00       18:00
16:00    24:00
17:00    01:00
16:00       24:00
17:00       01:00
PACIFIC Wellington
00:00    08:00
01:00    09:00
00:00       08:00
01:00       09:00

Added by Evgeny Galaev,
Chief Manager of InstaForex Client Relations Department

Forex without days-off and breaks!

January 27th, 2010

It is of no secret, that Forex is the largest financial market in the world, the tempo of its development leaves no chance to the rivals over the globe. Forex helps thousands of people earn much money without any breaks and days-off. The point is that currency markets have multiple advantages over other markets.

The general benefits are its high liquidity, loyal prices and wide accessibility. Forex market is not a roulette game; without days-off, pauses and intermediates, Forex daily proves its profitability and success to the whole world.

In a short period of time, it is possible to earn considerable sums of money at Forex market. Evidently, this result is achieved due to the high volatility of currency pairs. Sometimes a currency pair can move by hundreds of points within several days only.  But, being overwhelmed by the pursuit of money, it is necessary to remember about high risks.

Day by day, Forex market has about three billions of dollars in turnover. The most significant indicator of the liquidity is traders and buyers’ constant being on the market, they are following all market trends attentively.

Moreover, important Forex constituent is the absence of sharp and unpredictable changes on the market, even if the entire world is in panic with the currency changes.

It is understood, that currency will be sold and bought always; in this case, Forex will be opened for everybody, who tends to gain profit, non-stop. Every person knows, that when Asian session ends, European begins and so on, until it will go around the globe, attracting more and more people, reinforcing he leader positions.

Many are attracted to Forex market not only by the high cost of currency operations. Forex does not require any commission payments; there is a fixed market spread. Spread is a difference between ask and bid price, due to it the transaction cost is maximally lowered, in comparison with other markets.

Certainly, it is necessary to consider the fact, that money is the product at currency market Forex. And this excludes any shipping costs absolutely, because of the absence of the physical condition; this is another advantage, which makes Forex market with no days- off even more popular.

At first sight, the restrictions deficiency can even confuse. However, at international currency market there is one law, which is a law of supply and demand, or the simplest business law. At the same time, the majority of audit chambers and exchanges have numerous restrictions. The result of this is the absolute freedom for business development and goals achievement.

Forex, which is working without days-off, shows a marginality principle, working at its best. Due to marginality principle, each trader, even with the smallest capital, has an opportunity to earn a significantly bigger sum, since he has a possibility to make transactions, which are the most profitable for him.

Thus, if the operation has turned to be the most successful for somebody, this gives the chance to increase the initial capital sum within a few minutes. At Forex, both short-term and long-term positions are accessible, besides, it is not necessary, that the currency, which was invested, remained the same.

Now it is possible to make a conclusion: international currency market Forex, undoubtedly, has numerous advantages, due to which absolutely every interested person can become a trader. No matter where the person works, Forex market, daily and without days-off and breaks,  gives a chance to everybody to work and get profit.

Added by Dmitry Golynski,
InstaForex Development manager

Win Lotus from InstaForex

January 22nd, 2010

InstaForex Company draws a new sport-car Lotus Elise within the unprecedented campaign “Win Lotus from InstaForex”. InstaForex Companies Group has already bought this car especially for the campaign “Win Lotus from InstaForex”. At present moment, a brand new Lotus Elise is in Singapore waiting for its winner. Therefore, the campaign “Win Lotus from InstaForex” is absolutely transparent and has the real prize fund in the form of new car Lotus Elise which will be certainly presented by the results of the drawing.

The mileage of the drawn Lotus Elise for the time of prize presentation will not exceed a couple of hundreds miles because the car will be used only in advertising campaigns associated with the process of campaign “Win Lotus from InstaForex” drawing.

Added by Ekaterina Abramova,
InstaForex PR-manager

What for are cent accounts at Forex?

January 20th, 2010

The modern Forex, on the assumption of list of services, provided by brokers, is a system of exchange trade of currency, metals, contacts for difference, etc. The work with rates increase and decrease at cent accounts does not differ from a classic work at real Forex market. At first sight it seems that this structure is very difficult, but having worked a little, you understand that everything is more simply. If you worked out in cent accounts, be sure, that the door in successful activity is slightly opened for you, and investors will be ready to entrust you the management of thousand dollars accounts.

If you are at the beginning of trader’s way, you should start from cent accounts. A lot of brokers offer to trade at mini-Forex starting with 10 cents. The point is that work at mini-Forex does not have essential differences from the work at “large” market.

Cent account can be used as intermediary from demo to real. Demo-account is attractive by the fact that any losses which you will, probably, have, in no way affect your wallet. However, there is one significant disadvantage, connected with the psychological part of trading. Being confident about your monies safety, you will not be able to plunge into the whirlpool of financial business, where on the next day after you have won a million you can lose everything. In order to overcome two main enemies of trader the fear and greed, you just need to feel the trading process, and that can be done only with real money at the real market. That is why the intermediate trading process at the cent account is the optimum alternative for the newbie. Minimizing the risks of losses in the case of trend reversal to the unfavorable side, you can continue the training at cent account. At that your small victories will be rewarded with the small but very pleasing profit. Of course, when the cost of point is 1 cent, you should not expect the huge earnings. Use the cent account only in order to study the market with its sometimes sharp movements, as well as for experiments with trading strategies and systems.

On the assumption of all mentioned above, the idea of cent accounts is that almost each beginning trader can, investing the small amounts of assets, learn the work skills with the real accounts. This is necessary for reduction of newbies’ potential risks. The major financial mistakes, which a lot of novices make working with the cent accounts, are minimized and can not be a barrier at the beginning of the trader’s professional way.

However, today because of the situation that market is oversaturated with traders a lot of brokers strive to decrease as much as possible the supply on the cent accounts, forcing in this way all traders to work with dollar accounts, as it was at the very beginning of Forex market development.

In such way, it can be said that cent accounts is a perfect launch platform, which gives an opportunity to any trader to learn all necessary skills and gain trading experience, realistically assessing his/her own possibilities for the real work at the currency market.

Added by Svetlana Milyushko,
InstaForex Clients’ relationship manager

Bonus for posting

January 19th, 2010

Traders portal in partnership with InstaForex Company initiates an incentive program. Each registered user of the forum at automatically becomes a camapaign’s participant.

Each your post at the forum will bring you 10 US cents. By the results of a month the most active members, who had a success to accumulate 50 USD, will get this money as a bonus to their trading accounts with InstaForex. Profit from a bonus can be withdrawn without any restrictions.

The details of “Bonus for posting” campaign are available at this page.
To gerister at the forum, please, follow the link.

Added by Ekaterina Abramova,
InstaForex PR-manager