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We should know our champions by sight! InstaForex Company starts publishing pictures of the best traders who succeeded to win our contests. Also our winners express their opinions regarding InstaForex contests and campaigns.

Sergey Dubinin One Million “One Million Option” (29/08/2011–03/09/2011), 3d place gainer
I am taking part in the “One Million Option” contest during 3 month. I like that in contrast to other contests here you can participate when you have free time but do not spend all day and all night. Thanks InstaForex Company administration for such an interesting contest!
Devis Pangau “Lucky Trader” (09/26/2011-10/08/2011), 4th place gainer
“Thank you InstaForex, you are the best forex broker I have ever met, The best place to get guidance, support and advice for real traders or free traders who want to learn forex. Is not only easy to access and perform transactions, but also pampering its members with many types of contest that gives so much prizes of money, which is unmatched by any forex broker.
Vitaliy Obuhov “Lucky Trader” (09/26/2011-10/08/2011), 3d place gainer
It is the most interesting contest. It is rather difficult but quite real to win.
Dmitry Tchub “Lucky Trader” (09/12/2011-09/24/2011), 1st place gainer
Thanks a lot InstaForex Company for such a pleasant and useful contest. I have not felt such a fever pitch, especially at the end of the contest, for a long time. And it is more pleasant to win the prize in such a contest!!! I wish the company and its every employee happiness, good luck, and prosperity!! And do not forget about us!!!
Michailo Romanik “Lucky Trader” (09/12/2011-09/24/2011), 8th place gainer
Thanks a lot for such a wonderful contest! It was hard, but I did it. But still there are goals I have to strive for. I am very glad to get the prize! Wish everybody a good luck!
Anna Gaiko “Lucky Trader” (09/11/2011-09/23/2011), 2nd place gainer
I wish everybody to feel such happiness as I do. Thanks all the emplyees of the company, who help us to understand that wonders may come true. Guys, I wish the light of our success would always light up your life! Wish you love and happiness.
Abdul Rahman Annuar “InstaForex Sniper” (10/10/2011-10/15/2011), 3d place gainer
Thanks for the contest and bright emotions!
Yulia Sulistyorini “InstaForex Sniper” (10/19/2011-10/24/2011), 2nd place gainer
Forex trading contest is a valuable laboratory to test the skills of a trader. And instaforex truly understand and appreciate this. This is my first win in forex trading contest, and I want to always be a winner . Thank you very much instaforex.
Andrej Vaňo “InstaForex Sniper” (10/19/2011-10/24/2011), 3d place gainer
It is very good, when besides simple demo-account trading there is a motivation.
I Gde Nym Adi Parwata “InstaForex Sniper” (05/10/2011-10/10/2011), 1st place gainer
Thank you to Insta-Forex Company for the best contest and the staffs who have a high commitment to serve the traders. I wish more prosperity to traders/investors, staffs, and Insta-Forex Company. I treat this contest like sports where all participants have to fights for the victory. The transparent contest table is extremely helpful to monitor position and detail condition of the competitors, so that I can determine the next strategy to be one of the winners that meet the requirements. It is very important to have mindset of a winner with deep roots in our heart. Bravo trading, salam sukses & sejahtera!
Doroshkevich Gennady “Rally Fx-1”, (09/16/2011 –09/17/2011), 1st place gainer
I am glad very much! Thank you!
Valentino Plevnik “Rally Fx-1”, (09/09/2011 –09/10/2011), 2nd place gainer
“To a brave man, good and bad luck are like his left and right hand. He uses both.” - St Catherine of Siena One of – if not the most – thrilling and fun contests. And fun can be sometimes greatly rewarded. Keep up the good work!
Oludotun A. Adelanwa “One Million Option”, (09/12/2011 – 09/16/2011), 3d place gainer
I have great fun and I derive pleasure in participating in InstaForex competitions, especially the One Million Option competition. It is a great opportunity to learn the inter-relationships between currency pairs and to observe their behavioural patterns. Thank you InstaForex.
Dmitriy Makariyan “One Million Option” (09/19/2011- 09/24/2011), 2nd place gainer
Your company is one of the greatest brokers! Your customers have all the necessary instruments they might need in trading, including technical elements and information space for conducting the fundamental analysis. You’re also number ONE broker out of the major ones arranging such a great contests. Highly appreciate that. Even experinced traders may have difficulties with the money start up (by any reasons), but you give everything that is needed. It shows your professional maturity and high moral features. I respect that.
Andra Bisono “One Million Option”, (09/12/2011 – 09/16/2011), 1st place gainer
InstaForex has shown a great effort in creating unique and amazing contests. Thank you for the unique contest and prizes!
Chidinma Christian “InstaForex Sniper”, (29/08/2011 – 30/09/2011), 4th place gainer
I was pleasantly surprised to receive email from InstaForex Contest Administration informing me that I have taken the fourth prize-winning place of InstaForex Sniper Contest. I am very grateful, and now completely convinced that the contest is genuine. This is a proof to show my friends and associates, who may be skeptical about your honesty and integrity. With such transparency, InstaForex is destined to be the number one forex broker globally.
Alexey Shirin “InstaForex Sniper” (09/05/2011- 09/10/2011, 3rd place gainer
I was taking part in “InstaForex Sniper” for the second time and it’s kind of surprise to me that I could become a winner so soon. Thanks InstaForex for its contests.
Dmitry Litvin “Lucky Trader” (08/29/2011- 09/10/2011), 8th place gainer
“Lucky Trader” is the most tricky contest among others, it was absolutely great to participate.
M Nurrohman “Lucky Trader” (08/29/2011- 09/10/2011), 2nd place place gainer
I was very lucky to win this contest, I did not think could be the no. 2nd, by following this contest we can learn that we do not need a lot of profit in a short time, we should try little by little, this contest is very suitable for those wishing to learn to manage the trade.I say thank you to everyone, especially
Patricia Erinma Nwankwo “Lucky Trader” (15/08/2011 – 27/08/2011), 6th place place gainer
I wish to thank you for the opportunity to take part in the contests. Once again, thank yo and God bless.
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