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We should know our champions by sight! InstaForex Company starts publishing pictures of the best traders who succeeded to win our contests. Also our winners express their opinions regarding InstaForex contests and campaigns.

Ildar M. Nasirov “One Million Option” (01/09/12-01/14/12), 2nd place gainer
Thanks InstaForex organizers!
Medet J. Omurkanov “One Million Option” (12/26/11-12/31/11), 1st place gainer
ello! First of all, I appreciate the opportunity to try my forces in an entrancing contest “One Million Option”. For me it had started from reading responses of the contest finalists. To be honest, I never thought that I would be sharing my impressions as a finalist. But it happened even so, and I would like to wish the same to all competitors of InstaForex, everyone has a chance to win. And as a man beginning his path on Forex, I would like to say that with InstaForex the language of Forex became much clearer to me! Thank you!
Irina V. Medvedeva “Rally FX-1” (01/20/12-01/21/12), 5th place gainer
I want to say thanks to the Best Broker for interesting and speedy competition!
Bejo Wahono “Rally FX-1” (01/20/12-01/21/12), 3d place gainer
Thanks to InstaForex. This is my second victory that makes me happy. InstaForex … Go Go Go…!!!
Nickolai A. Alexandrovich “Rally FX-1” (02/03/12-02/04/2012), 2nd place gainer
I express thanks to InstaForex team for the given opportunity to have a shot at competition with combat conditions. Keep it up!
Ariyo Olaoye “Great Race” (28/11/2011-31/12/2011), 1st place gainer
My thanks to God almighty for the privilege giving me to emerge as one of the winners of the Great race contest. Also, my profound appreciation goes to Instaforex Company for organizing very many educative , inspiring, thrilling and fascinating contests. I have tried many forex brokers and i have come to realize that Instaforex is the best in the world. Thanks
Vadim R. Salimov “Chancy Deposit” (12/19/2011-12/25/2011)
I’m very glad that I’ve won in the “Chancy Deposit” competition! It was such a pleasure to get $1000 to my trading account! Great thanks to the contest organizers.
Tatyana A. Zis’ “Real Scalping” (01/02/2012-01/28/2012), 7th place gainer
I appreciate a valid estimate of InstaForex and a munificent reward!
Dima Balanda “Real Scalping” (01/02/2012-01/28/2012), 2nd place gainer
I did not expect I would win the contest. I’m very glad to be a winner, it was tempting to participate. Great thanks to InstaForex for prizes and the obtained experience!
Pavel V. Eisele Real Scalping (12/05/2011-12/31/2011), 1st place gainer
This is my debut in a monthly contest of InstaForex. And lo and behold I won! I wish other participants to believe in their fortune, it will come to you too. Thanks InstaForex for exciting and various types of contests.
Vladimir I. Zhitnikov “InstaForex Sniper” (12/26/2011-12/31/2011), 2nd place gainer
The contest is very good. I really liked the rules that give equal conditions for all the participants. I wish victory to all contestants!
Zhaknongir B. Komilov “InstaForex Sniper” (12/19/2011-12/24/2011), 5th place gainer
I was really pleased to learn that I got the 5th prize. This is the second time I am one of the contest winners. “Sniper” is a perfect contest with considerable prizes for a weekly contest. InstaForex, thank you!
Nadezhda A. Andreyeva “InstaForex Sniper” (12/12/2011-12/17/2011), 4th place gainer
I am really happy that I won in “Sniper”. I want to thank the organizers for a perfect opportunity to take part in this contest and to get certain experience in order to start working on Forex with a very appropriate initial capital.
Vadim V.Krivosheya “InstaForex Sniper” (12/12/2011-12/17/2011), 1st place gainer
I like the contest “InstaForex Sniper” as it is very complicated though the prize is worth it. I really respect the company for the contest “One Million Option”. I have not yet tamed it, but I will try to. I wish good luck to all the contestants.
Uns Siddiqui “Lucky Trader” (11/21/2011-12/03/2011), 1st place gainer
Thank you very much for such the ineresting contest!
Milan Babic “Lucky Trader” (11/21/2011-12/03/2011), 3rd place gainer
I would like to say that I’m delighted to finish in top three places in such tough contest,it was result of a hard work and study.But I would like especially to thank InstaForex company for a great and interesting contest who made all of this to happen.Again thank you very much and I wish all other participants the very best!
Denis V. Prokhorov “Real Scalping” (11/07/2011-11/26/2011), 2nd place gainer
I always enjoy participating in the contests by InstaForex Companies Group. But I got the first time, and this is so amazing! Every time I get more sure of that InstaForex is the best! I wish you all luck and flourishing!
Elena P. Kosteletskaya “One Million Option” (12/05/2011-12/10/2011), 2nd place gainer
Thank you for the contest. I am the winner of this contest for the third time. This is a great gift for the New Year’s Day. All the best wishes on the occasion of the holidays!
Vladimir V. Belikov “One Million Option” (11/21/2011-11/26/2011), 3d place gainer
I take part in InstaForex contests regularly, but for the first time I faced the situation when in this contest one of the options was by mistake considered as a loss. Though I was really surprised when at the end of the contest the error was set right even without my participation. Everything is square her! Thank you!
Selva Kumar Ganesan “Great Race” (09/26/2011–10/29/2011), 4 place gainer
I am happy to learn from your company news that I secured fourth place in the third step of “InstaForex Great Race” held from 25-Sep-2011 to 28-Oct-2011. I thank InstaForex for providing me an opportunity to participate in the contest. Participating in the contests of InstaForex is really challenging. I really enjoyed the contest. InstaForex is offering a wide range of contest each for different category of traders. Each type of contest offered by InstaForex is unique and giving different experience. I request InstaForex to continue their great effort in helping the traders to train their skills. I once thank InstaForex for providing this opportunity.
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