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InstaForex international broker has launched a new website dedicated to InstaForex Loprais Team. Now you can learn more about the team, its glorious victories in large-scale contests, hard working days and leisure time on”. The photos, video materials and topical news from breath-taking tournaments placed in the corresponding sections of the web-resource will take you into the world of racing and will make you feel one of the rally participants. The newly launched website will be interesting for both supporters of racers and amateurs of fast driving and powerful cars.

The idea of creating InstaForex Loprais Team was put forward by InstaForex Company in May 2011 and implemented on the basis of Tatra team. The rally truck team is led by Czech racer Ales Loprais. He was twice one of the three winners at large-scale international tournaments Dakar Rally 2007, Central Europe Rally 2008 and Silk Way Rally 2009.

In 2011 Ales won Silk Way Rally as an InstaForex Loprais Team racer. This victory is particularly remarkable as we managed to be the first among many-year leaders of Silk Way and Dakar – Kamaz Master team.

One of the most important events for any racer is expected in early 2012  – Dakar Rally which is to be partaken by one of the best contest participants InstaForex Loprais Team in the truck category. After Silk Way Rally victory our team is striving to achieve more impressive results in this great rally raid.

Trade and win with InstaForex!

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On this holy day InstaForex Company takes a great pleasure in congratulating all Muslims on the beginning of the Ramadan month!

We sincerely hope that this month will be the month of tolerance and respect for all of you, the month vanishing offence and quarrels, the month when everyone’s eyes shine with infinite kindness.

We wish you peace and prosperity, strong health and success! We wish your prayers to be heard by Allah!

Kind regards,
InstaForex Company.

On the beauty contest website of Miss Insta Asia 2011 by InstaForex Company over 400 ladies have already registered and this number moves well along towards half of thousand. The contest gathers pace involving more and more visitors: day by day the number of beautiful participants increases, there are new photographs and comments to them, so the situation stretches. And although, the contest competitor Victoria from Kishinev is gaining the lead presently among her rivals, everything can change at any moment, as we are to see the months of fight for title Miss InstaForex Asia 2011 ahead.


The second season of Miss Insta Asia moves on as one of the most popular online beauty contests in the global net. It is no wonder as the most gorgeous women from different countries of the world from Malaysia to Great Britain take part in this exciting competition. Who will finally reach the top – the title of Miss InstaForex Asia 2011 and 20 000 USD – it will be determined by users voting for their favorites on the website. The photos of beautiful ladies will be submitted to users for deciding fates of Miss Insta Asia contest competitors. The prize fund of Miss Insta Asia amounting to 35 000 USD will be shared among 6 the most beautiful girls in early autumn, according to users’ opinion.

Those who would like to try their fortune still have time, as for joining the contest it is required to accomplish a registration, fill in the application form and submit at least 3 the best photo shots. The experience of competition running approves that position in the contest rating shifts weekly, in such a way, even a newcomer has all chances of winning.

To join or to vote for one of belles visit the official contest website

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ESSAMHave you ever thought: “What does forex attract people besides the possibility to earn”? In fact, there are a lot of reasons, and each trader chooses for himself several ones. So, now we know, what reasons has chosen by our winner of FX Rally-1″ contestEssam Abdel Latif :
IFX: How often you make a shot at trading contests?

EL: Three or four times a month.

IFX: What attracts you in this kind of contests aside from getting prize?
Competition quality makes all kind of the spirit of fair competition .

IFX: What were you engaged with before you got wise to Forex?

EL: I played poker .

IFX: What did inspire you for trading?

EL: Trading makes me always ready to develop.

IFX: How do you evaluate your market knowledge?

EL: My knowledge and experience on the market are quite well to my mind.

IFX: How did your trading activity influence your personal life?

EL: Commercial activity takes a lot of your personal time so sometimes it’s hard to combine both.

IFX: Do you have a mentor or a cult-hero whose success you would like to reach?

EL: Dr. William Jean, when I look into his eyes I think I can find out many secrets.

IFX: Which are the biggest delusions of people to your mind about trading on Forex?

EL: The biggest illusions of people around the forex trading when they wait for a luck without any planning on the basis of rules.

IFX: What do you think is stronger: the joy of winning or the pain of losing?

EL: The joy of winning is the strongest but for me the pain of loss in some cases even better as I learn from experience.

IFX: In your point of view, what is the main rule which the trader should follow for a profitable trading?

EL: Be careful, do not rush and do not lose hope.
IFX: Thank you for an interesting interview. We wish your hazard and loss fear could always stay in chime and the deposit to rise in geometrical progression!

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The international broker InstaForex joined the financial exhibition ShowFx Asia yet again which took place in Singapore on May 7-8, 2011. In the exhibition area of presentable Suntec Convention Center InstaForex Company brought to public the whole spectrum of its offers and services. The company’s stand captured attention of many people who were highly concerned with the broker’s advantages and its innovative services. The company’s staff was answering the questions of guests with pleasure giving detailed consultations of various trading aspects with InstaForex.


Each who visited the company’s stand was getting booklets and brochures, and someone was lucky to obtain precious prizes. Within the promo-campaigns the broker was raffling money bonuses for trading accounts, iPhone, iPad and tablet computer Samsung Galaxy Tab.

In general, the exhibition devoted to all aspects of working on financial markets has become a comfortable place for constructive dialogues between the brokerage companies representatives, education projects, developers of specialized program software and traders. Business exhibition programme was full of seminars and master-classes carried out by guru of on-line trading. A hot polemics was caused by reports on topical issues of companies-partakers – among those there were employees of InstaForex Company.


InstaForex gives great thanks to organizers and guests of exhibition for active participation in arrangements and hopes to meet at the next ShowFx Asia exhibition in Jakarta on July 30-31, 2011.

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